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Isuzu Trucks, Japan
Isuzu Trucks aims to be the global leader in commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Isuzu trucks are sold and trusted around the world for their reliability and durability, even under the most testing conditions. Isuzu is the world's leading manufacturer of light-duty trucks with sales of N series reaching 200,000 units annually, placing them at the top of their class - and one of the tops manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty trucks. Isuzu trucks surpass today's strict emissions standards, as well as offering advanced safety features, easy handling, and excellent fuel economy.

History of Isuzu Trucks

More than 80 years have passed since the first Isuzu truck pulled out of the factory and onto the road, an event that marked the start of Isuzu's steady rise to its current prominence both as Japan's best selling truck manufacturer and as a major force for innovation that is helping to lead the global automobile industry in the 21st century.

In 1924: Wolseley Model CP truck:-

Production plants suffered extensive damage during the Great Kantō earthquake of 1923, however, the plants were rebuilt and production of trucks progressed night and day. The Wolseley Model CP truck was completed the following year in 1924.

Isuzu Trucks

In 1929: Sumida L truck:-

Plans moved forward to develop and produce vehicles that were completely made in Japan. The name “Sumida” was chosen from the Sumida River, where the plant was located. Powered with a domestically-produced engine, its power output and fuel efficiency were received favorably to meet the demands of a made-in-Japan model.

In1946: Isuzu Model TX80 truck:-

The Ministry of Trade and Industry released the new TX vehicle standard.

The TX80 was a 5-ton truck powered with gasoline engine released after the war.

In 1949: Diesel Automobile Industry underwent a final name change to become Isuzu Motors Ltd., the company's present name. Soon afterward, the domestic demand for commercial vehicles expanded rapidly due to a rush of emergency orders prompted by the Korean War. Isuzu was in an ideal position to take advantage of this special demand and develop improved products, on account of which the company's sales of diesel-powered vehicles shot up.

In 1959: 1st-gen Elf:-

Isuzu launched the ELF, which holds the number-one share in the domestic light-duty truck market today. Employing an original, easy-to-use cab-over style, the ELF immediately became the country's best-selling light-duty truck, a position it has continued to command ever since. The Elf was Japan’s first full cab-over 2-ton light-duty truck, capable of carrying more load than a bonnet type truck despite its small size. Its solid reputation cemented the Elf as the best-selling truck brand.

In 1966: TY type 4-ton truck announced

In 1970: TR type 4-ton truck “Forward” announced

In 1972: Faster:-

A 1-ton truck developed as the first model to be exported under the tie-up with GM. With styling based on the Florian passenger car, the Faster was renowned for its stability owing to its low overall height and wide tread

In 1994: 1st-gen GIGA:-

Isuzu’s heavy-duty truck underwent a full model change and was released as the GIGA. Named after the unit prefix for billion as well as meaning large or massive, the truck was the largest model Isuzu had ever produced.

In 2002: 1st-gen D-MAX:-

A 1-ton pickup truck jointly developed by Isuzu and GM. Positioned as a strategic model released globally through collaborative efforts with GM, production of the D-MAX was relocated to Thailand the following year to be exported to markets around the world.

In 2006: 6th-gen Elf released

In 2007: 6th-gen Forward:-

The 6th generation Forward was released in 2007. With medium-duty and light-duty trucks consolidated into a single model group, the 6th-gen Forward was developed as a truck capable of meeting performance requirements for global markets.

In 2015: 2nd-gen GIGA:-

More than just individual trucks, the GIGA was developed as an essential component making up transport systems. It is designed on a lightweight, aerodynamic cab and features the “MIMAMORI” remote vehicle data analysis system. The “PREISM” service was also rolled out to make use of this data. In 2017: Elf 80th Anniversary model In 2017: Forward 80th Anniversary model

In 2017: GIGA 80th Anniversary model:-

ISUZU was one of the main drivers behind Japan’s post-war recovery and booming economic growth. Backed with a rich heritage, proven technology, and pioneering attitude, ISUZU is carving out a new era while maintaining its position as the cornerstone of global logistics.

Isuzu Truck Models


Isuzu ELF Truck

Isuzu Trucks
The Isuzu Elf is a medium duty truck produced by Isuzu since 1959. Outside Japan it is known as N series. The range of Isuzu Elf was originally mainly available in Japan and other Asian countries. The Isuzu Elf Truck brings performance with styling, power, economy and safety features. The models are powered by the next-generation 4HK1-TCN power plant is the latest in ISUZU's lineup of clean and fuel-efficient diesel engines
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Isuzu Forward Truck

The Isuzu Forward (also known as the Isuzu F-Series) is a line of medium-duty commercial vehicles manufactured by Isuzu since 1970. All Isuzu Forward trucks are cab over designs and the cabin comes fully built from the factory. Most models come with a diesel engine; but, some markets get CNG derivatives as well. The Isuzu Forward is available a variety of cab styles, engines, 4WD or 2WD depending on the market it is sold. Most trucks are assembled in Japan. The Isuzu Forward is among the commercial grade trucks used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force for rear line duties.
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Isuzu Trucks


Isuzu Giga Truck

Isuzu Trucks
The Isuzu Giga, also known as the Isuzu C/E series (second generation), is a line of heavy-duty commercial trucks produced by Isuzu Motors. The Giga's size range is mostly made up of full-size trucks, and was previously known as the 'Isuzu Heavy-Duty Truck'. It was created to succeed the Isuzu 810. Most full-size models of the truck are distinguishable by a front "Giga" and "CXZ" badge, but the common Isuzu badge is usually used on the rear.
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